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Warehousing & Distribution



TetriLog is a valued partner for every transport and logistics challenge. Our one-stop shop approach means we can add real value to your business at every stage of your supply chain, giving you a competitive advantage through customised services and solutions such as:


At TetriLog we are one of the leading providers of 3PL. We combine extensive industry knowledge with industry leading technologies to handle your transportation needs.

With TetriLog as your logistics provider you can rely on a valued partner who provides customisable, flexible and efficient freight shipping services:

  •  FTL • Full Truck Load
  •  LTL • Less than Full Truck Load

With us, everything is possible, using almost all kinds of specialised transport, combining the following types:

  •  Temperature Controlled
  •  Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Go Green!
Aware of the carbon footprint of road transport and in order to minimize the ecological and environmental impact of logistical activities we make the best use of:

  •  Intermodal freight transport

Also known as combined transport by road, rail and sea, we use available intermodal infrastructure network to optimize greater flexibility of the transport chain in both timing and price by making the most effective use of different transport modes without any additional cost to you.

For other specialized shipments, we have tailor-made logistics options to keep your cargo visible and moving through your supply chain.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & distribution plays an essential role in the success of your global supply chain.

We are committed to providing excellent warehousing facilities & distribution operations that make certain your products are moving from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between international, national, and regional facilities and to distributors.

Most of our available warehouses act as distribution and cross-docking centres, in which stock is split and recombined for delivery to retail outlets and other destinations.

Thanks to the comprehensive range of contract logistics services we can provide you warehouse facilities tailored to your needs.
We offer every combination of warehousing solution, from standard pallet, to roll cage distribution including combination of:

  •  Ambient
  •  Temperature-controlled
  •  Bonded
  •  Raw Materials
  •  Finished Goods
  •  Automated

These warehouses can be dedicated as well as shared solutions and include order processing, inventory management, pre-retailing or other value added services.

TetriLog can provide you with a single-source solution that makes certain your goods reach the marketplace efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Customs Clearance

You don’t need to worry about your customs clearance any longer. TetriLog will simplify your work process and cover all aspects for you.

We provide comprehensive services to handle the preparation of a traditional document for electronic submission, the calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises.
We also facilitate communication between government authorities and importers and exporters.

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Specialist Services

TetriLog as a hybrid between 3PL and 4PL provides an end-to-end approach to logistics outsourcing.
Our core competence as a contract logistics provider is to develop tailor-made services for our customers. The combination of our know-how and our extensive expertise will allow you to concentrate solely on your core business.

In today’s market, the increasing business complexity makes it impossible to be an expert in every sector. Managing your transportation department can be a complicated task.

With its end-to-end approach to logistics outsourcing TetriLog offers an effective one stop solution for all our customer requirements, through our integrated solutions and well developed partner network. With proven expertise across all areas, we offer a full selection of services:

  •  Packaging
  •  Warehousing
  •  Distribution
  •  Transportation Management
  •  Freight Forwarding
  •  Freight Quoting
  •  Tender Management
  •  Consultancy
  •  Auditing
  •  Cross docking
  •  Issue Resolution
  •  Financial Settlement

Whether you need to outsource a single function such as Pick & Pack, warehousing and distribution, complete Transportation Management or even the management of the entire process through supply chain Control Tower – with TetriLog as your logistics partner, you can safely unload these aspects of the business to us.

TetriLog teams have the necessary knowledge and expertise to improve the running of your operation in a smoother and more cost efficient way.

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